Why We Yodel

The Alpine areas of Europe are the birthplace of yodelling, an inimitable singing or vocal technique characterised by rapid shifts in pitch between the low and high ranges of one’s voice.

Historically, yodelling in these locations functioned as a mode of communication over large landscapes, enabling shepherds and mountain residents to talk to one another despite huge distances. This vocal style was able to deliver their messages successfully over rough terrain because of the way it blended fast changes in pitch and rhythm.

We, The Yodelers, would like to establish an unsurpassed symphony in our public relations approach. Our PR tactics, like yodelling, aim at ‘singing to the world’ to connect our clients with their intended audiences everywhere via shaping brands and influencing perceptions. Our team of specialists resembles a band of yodelling masters: they can change their tune to suit any circumstance and come up with pioneering strategies that will help our clients stand out in the competitive world of communication.

How We Started Yodelling

Over the course of her 17 years in the PR profession, Juhi Jain has honed her skills by expertly planning, managing and executing pan-India Media Relations & PR Campaigns for a wide range of clients and sectors.

She founded The Yodelers in November 2023 as a Public Relations agency that would link businesses with their consumers in the same way that yodelling connects people over great distances through songs.

How We Yodel

We, at the Yodelers, know that strong communication can boost great enterprises and people. Therefore, we customise solutions to meet your communication and PR needs with a wide variety of services.

We plan engaging and target-oriented communication and media relations campaigns, ‘yodel’ your achievements to the world and start effective brand discussions.

Our Yodel Partners